What is AVETARS?

The ACT Vocational Education and Training Administration Records System (AVETARS) is the online application used by Skills Canberra to manage vocational education and training initiatives in the ACT including:

  • The ACT Qualifications Register - Displaying RTO Scope and data from training.gov.au.
  • Australian apprenticeships training contract management – Using data from the Training and Youth Internet Management System (TYIMS) including processes enabling auto-approval, return or rejection of contracts.
  • Creation and management of Skilled Capital records - A needs-based funding initiative distinct from the standard User Choice.
  • Payment claims through the submission of AVETMISS files via a registered training organisation portal.
  • Fully integrated Australian apprenticeships training contract variations.
  • Direct employer and student access through the release of associated portals.

Australian apprentices, Skilled Capital students, employers, registered training organisations, apprenticeship network providers and schools all have access to AVETARS. They can carry out a number of functions in the system ranging from nominating a qualification for delivery, claiming a completion payment and the initiation and approval of training contract variations.

The ACT Qualifications Register is a public register that displays a complete list of all qualifications available under ACT funded training initiatives including Australian Apprenticeships and Skilled Capital. The register also lists the registered training organisations (RTOs) approved to deliver these qualifications in the ACT.

To request a new qualification to be available as an Australian Apprenticeship pathway on the ACT Qualifications Register, an ACT stakeholder may submit a written proposal to Skills Canberra. The proposal must demonstrate that the qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway and include the following information, as a minimum:

  • qualification code and title
  • details of the RTO, employer, school and Australian Apprentice support (where applicable)
  • identify if the qualification is requested as an Australian School-based Apprenticeship pathway.

Skills Canberra reserves the right to:

  • refuse to consider an incomplete proposal
  • seek further information from the RTO and contact other persons or organisations including those identified in the proposal for verification purposes
  • seek the advice of persons who may include employers or industry members to assist in the review of the proposal
  • reject the written proposal.

The assessment of a proposal may take up to 2 months depending on the qualification and will be subject to funding availability. The outcome will be notified in writing.