S killed Capital registered training organisations can provide a range of support services to assist you to successfully complete your qualification. You may be eligible to receive one or more of the following support services throughout your training:

  • Foundation Skills – support to assist in areas such as language, reading, writing, communication and numeracy skills.
  • Additional Support – support for additional needs in training, such as disability support, learning support or other identified support specific to your individual circumstances.

Additional funding is also available to registered training organisations to support eligible students, who:

  • identify as having a disability, and/or
  • identify as being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin, and/or
  • are identified as being youth at risk, such as a person aged between 15-24 years-of-age who is at risk of disengaging from education and employment, and/or
  • are long term unemployed, such as a person who has been registered as unemployed for at least the last 52 weeks.

Contact your preferred registered training organisation to discuss your personal circumstances and the support and services that are available to you.