How much will the training cost my business?

The ACT Government provides a contribution towards the cost of training for all Skilled Capital qualifications. The amount of subsidy available for each qualification is different depending on the level of skills need and the total costs to deliver the training.

Additional funding is also available to registered training organisations to support eligible students, who:

  • identify as having a disability, and/or
  • identify as being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin, and/or
  • are identified as being youth at risk, such as a person aged between 15-24 years-of-age who is at risk of disengaging from education and employment, and/or
  • are long term unemployed, such as a person who has been registered as unemployed for at least the last 52 weeks.

Course Fees

There will be some costs that students will need to contribute to the training. Each registered training organisation will charge a student fee. The fee may vary depending on the chosen training provider, as each registered training organisation determines its own fee structure. Some employers may choose to provide a contribution towards their employee's student fee. Information about the fees charged by each registered training organisation is available in the list of Skilled Capital Training Providers.

Student Course Fees

A list of Skilled Capital Training Providers and their fees.

(Note: student fee information for each registered training organisation will be available in early 2015)